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60 Minutes To Clear Objectives

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I believe that most people would concur: people who have goals are more effective than those who do not have any.

When it comes to setting clear goals for using GrooveFunnels at maximum gain, I typically suggest considering both leadership aspects and management aspects.

Leadership is about doing the "ideal" things, while management is about doing things (or more precisely... getting things done).

Typically when we study time management, we study efficiency (doing things right) and make the presumption that we have the efficiency (management) fixed.

The first step in whenever management system ought to be to work on goals and as such, I use the following 60 Minute Goal Setting Exercise...

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Action 1

At the top of a blank notepad make a note of "things you consider worthwhile or value" for this project and after that invest 10 to 15 minutes jotting down whatever it is related to that that you deem valuable.

There is a useful site: that has a list of a number of hundred values to begin your mind thinking/moving in the ideal direction.

Quick: Right after the time is up, stop what you're doing and continue on to Step 2.

Action 2

Now, at the top of a second blank piece of paper, create a list of "project lifetime objectives". There are no rules to this brainstorming-- just make a list.

I have actually done this goal setting exercise often times and I find I often can utilize the exact same list of project lifetime goals from another project, and then add to or adjust the list each time I do the exercise for a different project.

Action 3

At the top of a third blank piece of paper, write down what you would do if you only had 6 months to live. (eek. Morbid, I know... but stick with me). Yes, list whatever it is that you would do if you had only six months to live. Typically I discover things that I would do if I had only 6 months to live that are not listed on my life time goals.  

For a twist, you can also write about where you want this particular GrooveFunnels project to be in 6 months if the other idea creeps you out : )

Either way, this section can serve as your motivation.  

Action 4

At the top of a blank paper, document your project goals for this year. After doing the first 3 actions, you will discover this action much easier to complete than the others.

These are the objectives to focus on NOW.

This total exercise will only take an hour. An hour spent clarifying your objectives can conserve hundreds of hours of work for you.

NOW...  you know your motivation for the project... you know "why" you're doing it... and you know what items need to be done right away.    Put those in whatever order makes logical sense, and take action!  Cross them off one by one, day by day, and watch your GrooveFunnels-based project come to life!   (Perhaps you'll have time to write a thank you note to Mike Filsaime now!)

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